High-strength cardboard bins for transport or storage of various products

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  • Cardboard bins made with Honeycomb cardboard, ideal for transporting or storing various products.
  • Light and stackable on two levels with load. Being foldable, they optimize space in packaging storage warehouses and in their transport.
  • Benefits in air transport, by reducing the weight provided by the bins when they are made of wood or plastic.
  • Beneficios en transporte aéreo, al reducir el peso aportado por los bins de madera y plásticos.
  • The cardboard bins have excellent characteristics to be used in exports, since they do not need a phytosanitary certificate and, being 100% recyclable, they are received in any country of destination.
  • Its surface is completely smooth, without nails or brackets that can damage the transported products.
  • Uses:
    Transportation of dehydrated fruits, seeds, frozen, industrial waste, non-metallic minerals (Iodine). Safe storage and transfer of tools, spare parts, PPE and equipment from workshops and warehouses to sites or vice versa. Suitable for incineration of waste as final disposal.
  • By using them as a container for industrial waste, they avoid the risk of cuts to the hands, typical of handling metal drums that are normally used.