High resistance cardboard bins, for transport or storage of various products

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  • Cardboard bins made of Honeycomb cardboard, ideal for transporting or storing various products.
  • Lightweight and stackable on two floors with a load. As they are foldable, they optimize space in packaging storage warehouses and during transport.
  • Benefits in air transport, by reducing the weight contributed by the bins when they are made of wood or plastic.
  • Cardboard bins have excellent characteristics to be used in exports, since they do not need a phytosanitary certificate and, being 100% recyclable, they are received in any country of destination.
  • Its surface is completely smooth, without nails or brackets that can damage the products transported.
  • Uses:
    Transport of dehydrated fruits, seeds, frozen, industrial waste, non-metallic minerals (Iodine). Safe storage and transfer of tools, spare parts, PPE and equipment from workshops and warehouses to sites or vice versa. Suitable for waste incineration as final disposal.


  • By using them as a container for industrial waste, they avoid the risk of cuts to the hands, typical of handling the metal drums that are normally used.


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