Ecological, light and resistant alternative to the conventional wooden

pallet for the movement of loads


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  • Alternative to the traditional wooden pallet, designed to offer a light and resistant base for the movement of cargo.
  • Its internal structure of Honeycomb cardboard gives it high structural resistance with a minimum weight. It is very convenient for air transport, since it considerably reduces the weight contributed by the pallet, reducing the cost of transport.
  • It has excellent characteristics to be used in exports, since it does not need a phytosanitary certificate and, being 100% recyclable, it is received in any country of destination.
  • It is also used for the provision of advertising or products in supermarkets, points of sale or promotion where the logistics of the pallets is usually complicated or there is no return.
  • Its surface is completely smooth: it does not have nails or brackets that could damage the transported products.
  • Product available in different sizes according to customer requirements. The most used sizes are: 1.0×1.2 mts. and 1.14×1.14 meters.

Available Versions


Withstands up to 1,500 kilos of static charge. Weight: 5.9 kg.


Withstands up to 600 kilos of static load. Weight: 4.2 Kg. Special for product display at points of sale