Palletless loading system, based on a thick sheet of Kraft paper that

replaces the traditional wooden pallet

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Palletless loading system: very light and resistant thick sheet of Kraft paper, which replaces the traditional wooden pallet.

  • 100 Slip Sheets occupy the same space as a pallet, freeing up to 9% of volume.
  • A Slip Sheet supports the same load as a pallet and weighs 20 times less, reducing the weight of the load by up to 350 kilos.
  • Increases productivity in loading containers to the floor, reducing the time and personnel required to carry it out.
  • Excellent characteristics for export: it does not need a phytosanitary certificate and, being 100% recyclable, it is received in any country of destination.
  • Completely smooth surface, without nails or brackets that could damage the transported products.
  • The use of Slip Sheet does not generate major changes in the internal movement of the products; these can be stored using a slip sheet between the load and the pallet. When dispatching, the Push Pull or Roller Forks will load the Slip Sheet and merchandise onto the truck or container, leaving the pallet in the warehouse for reuse.

Available Versions


100% virgin Kraft paper; high resistance, similar to a conventional pallet


High density polyethylene, for loads greater than 2 tons


100% thermolaminated virgin Kraft paper, high resistance to humidity


Square plastic for Roller Forks, without fins and thicker