Padding of space between pallets, protects the cargo from damage

caused by container movement

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  • Padding between pallets within containers, it protects the cargo by preventing damage from the movement of the merchandise
  • The Void Filler absorbs impacts in the event of blows and prevents the load from shifting.
  • It does not suffer punctures or air loss as occurs with cargo airbags.
  • It can be used in uniform and irregular loads (drums, drums, sacks, etc.).
  • Thanks to its accordion-like shape, it can be adapted to various heights and measurements.
  • Completely smooth surface, without nails or brackets that damage your products.
  • Ideal for delicate loads.
  • It has excellent characteristics to be used in exports, since it does not need a phytosanitary certificate and, being 100% recyclable, it is received in any country of destination.